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Stewards are obviously aware fining trainers for late arrival of starters at the track but the fines being imposed are slaps on the wrists compared to the betting returns when horses win.

The sad aspect is that some high profile officials and integrity officers are being accused of being party to what is going on which simply isn’t good enough.

No-one is taking any action against his allegations.

They can no longer continue to use the unacceptable excuses that these are the ‘rantings of a mad man who wouldn’t know.’ The fact remains he is far from mad, smarter than most of them and he does know exactly what is going on and will continue to write it and embarrass them until they do something about it.

The Eagle Farm debacle and the inability of the Brisbane Racing Club to address a series of allegations levelled at directors and some key staff along with allegations that those running the show at Albion Park had ‘inside knowledge’ of the ‘rorts’ that are being alleged and unearthed in harness racing is becoming embarrassing.

Now it’s up to the authorities to put up or shut up.And the gallops aren’t exactly squeaky clean either with punters lacking confidence in the local product as indicated by declining betting activity on Queensland racing.Stories of horses being treated with illegal ‘hits’ on the way to the races are commonplace.We have a new Government and a new Racing Minister and a whole heap of old problems confronting racing.

In the past there have been Racing Inquiries for all the wrong political reasons.Those responsible for this unacceptable ‘joke of the industry nationwide’ insist it was a decision made after ‘extensive industry consultation’ – but once again there are more questions than answers.