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If you can feel a firm, rubbery disk-like mound of tissue which is more than 2 cm across, and which seems to be stuck to the back of the nipple and to the pink area surrounding the nipple (areola), it is likely that the breast tissue is overdeveloped. Usually both breasts are equally affected, but sometimes development of one is more obvious than the other.If one breast is more enlarged than the other, ask your doctor to check it; breast cancer is rare in men, but it can occur.If you have these symptoms, it is essential that you see your doctor straight away. It kills about half the men who get it, whereas only about one-quarter of women with breast cancer die from the disease.This difference is because men with breast cancer do not go to their doctor early enough.This prevents the oestrogen from having an effect any longer, and the breast tissue usually starts to shrink. In only a few men, the breasts remain enlarged at the end of the teen years.This is not usually because there is anything wrong with the male hormones, but because the enlarged breast tissue has remained hypersensitive to the tiny normal amounts of oestrogen, or else is not responsive to the ‘shutting down’ effect of testosterone.Therefore men are dying from breast cancer because: And by the time they get treatment, the cancer has spread.This is a shame, because breast cancer is just as treatable in men as in women if it is found early enough.

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Teenage boys sometimes notice that their breasts are enlarging and/or are tender.Fortunately, the liver can often recover if alcohol intake is reduced. Breast cancer can occur in the male breast, but is usually on one side only.