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Four-time Olympic champion Greg Louganis shares the story of his HIV diagnosis with Emen8.He shares the worries he faced in telling his coach, how he took control of his health and the benefits of an undetectable viral load.manages to convey how individuals like Louganis have, in sharing their stories, radically shifted the discourse around HIV since the Nineties.Toward the end of the film, he watches a video in which diver Ji Wallace comes out as HIV-positive, citing Louganis as an inspiration. He doesn't appear afraid that he will be asked how a smart guy like him practiced unsafe sex or how he contracted the illness.

Instead, his best dives represent controlled chaos – his arms floating up so that his body forms a cross, a brief flutter, and then, with Balanchine's abrupt veering between slow and quick motion, a sudden leap through the elements: the earth of the board, a sky-pricking pinnacle and one, two, three-and-a-half tumbles, all before his outstretched body penetrated the water like a javelin.

Since his HIV diagnosis earlier that year, Louganis had been taking the antiretroviral AZT once every four hours.

Some take sleeping pills to get through the night; Louganis woke himself to take his medication. Later, it would be adapted into a made-for-TV movie of the same name starring Mario Lopez in a memorably awful performance as the champion diver. But Louganis, in typically gracious fashion, calls the performance "wonderful." The man is sunshine. The documentary reveals how his life has changed since he stopped diving – his two-decade absence from the sport (largely because he perceived that he was unwelcome in the community); his return as a mentor for USA Diving athletes; his financial crises, including the near-auction of his home; and his marriage to a paralegal named Johnny Chaillot, who recounts their meeting on thusly: "The first profile that came up was Greg Louganis – kissing a dolphin!

But for all the ecstasy of Louganis off the springboard or the platform, there's also an undercurrent of death, a certain prettified gamble with mortality.

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At the 1983 University Games, diver Sergei Chalibashvili smashed his head on the board attempting a three-and-a-half reverse somersault in the tuck position.Louganis broke the news to People: It's so funny, generally I usually went for opposites.