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Once you’ve got the library installed, the next step is to import the library in your code.This is done by selecting the menu option Sketch → Import Library → Video, or by typing the following line of code (which should go at the very top of your sketch): The above line of code is missing the appropriate arguments for the constructor.For each pixel in the video, I will draw a rectangle eight pixels wide and eight pixels tall.Let’s first write the program that displays the grid of rectangles.Squares are larger where brighter pixels in the video appear, and smaller for darker pixels.// Each pixel from the video source is drawn as // a rectangle with size based on brightness.

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For example, what if you have multiple cameras attached to your computer? In addition, in some rare cases, you might also want to specify a frame rate from the camera. There are function sfor obtaining the duration (length measured in seconds) of a video, for speeding it up and slowing it down, and for jumping to a specific point in the video (among others).

(NB: The full Face ID enrollment process requires two scans so takes a little longer than the below GIF.) The face biometric system replaces the Touch ID fingerprint biometric which is still in use on other i Phones (including on the new i Phone 8/8 Plus).

Only one face can be enrolled for Face ID per i Phone X — vs multiple fingerprints being allowed for Touch ID.

Both strategies, however, operate under the same fundamental principle: I only want to read an image from the camera when a new frame is available to be read. Processing’s extensive library of functions for graphics and its ability to capture from a camera in real-time make it an excellent environment for prototyping and experimenting with software mirrors.

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In order to check if an image is available, you use the function . You can apply basic image processing techniques to video images, reading and replacing the pixels one by one.

I’ll begin by walking through the basic steps of importing the video library and using the class to display live video. The Video and Sound libraries need to be downloaded through the Library Manager.