Gong li dating history

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They also used clay molds to imprint decorations into clay vessels—whose shapes in many cases clearly inspired designs in bronze.

Some of the pottery gives evidence of possibly having been shaped on a potter’s wheel.

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Most evidence supports the theory that a significant number of Jews, hundreds or perhaps thousands, migrated from Persia to Kaifeng some time during the Northern Song Dynasty (960-1127).Pottery included dishes and bowls in a white glaze for ceremonial and ritual use, as well as black pottery and a rich brown glaze for more mundane purposes.Jade carving became quite advanced during the Shang dynasty.Ceremonial weapons of jade were made, as well as jade fittings for actual weapons.

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Jade figurines included both human and animal shapes, carved in the round in careful detail.

(Legend traces the origin of pipes of bamboo earlier, even before the mythical Xia.)The architects of the Shang period built houses of timber over rammed-earth floors, with walls of wattle and daub and roofs of thatch.