Xbox marketplace not updating

02-Jan-2018 08:22

Once the Add-On pack is finished downloading, you can switch the audio in-game by going to Settings Audio and selecting the corresponding language from the Audio Language dropdown. A: Achievements are unlocked the same way as on other platforms. Members will also be Premium should their membership expire. A: In order for premium access to take effect, you have to spend the Marketplace Cash in-game or at login on character slots.This is by completing the corresponding feat in our game. With Premium Access you get additional character, inventory, and bank slots, as well as an increased cash cap, and more! You must also spend at least 500 MC in order to get Premium Access.Upon purchase, some have encountered an error screen that says “No Content Found”.We have a temporary workaround while we continue to work on a solution to this issue. You’ll need to know their in-game character name to do this! A: Yes, you must have Xbox Live Gold in order to access DCUO on Xbox One. A: Use the D-pad quick menu to send tells or invites to group.

The content and perks that are accessible with Membership are only available while you are a Member.

Does annyone know if this is a common problem at the moment?